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Goya rice pudding mix

Majarete de arroz Goya


Maga's hot cereals: cornstarch, cornmeal, etc.

Cereales calientes Maga: maicena, crema de maiz, etc


Amapola corn flour

Harina de maiz Amapola


Coconut flavored pudding mix

Mezcla para tembleque


Cuban, 100% pure espresso coffee as exquisite as ours 

Cafe cubano tan exquisito como el nuestro 


Spanish style marinade ideal for yuca and tostones, made with garlic and other condiments

"Mojito" ideal para echarle a la yuca o los tostones, hecho con ajo y otros condimentos


Cod fritter mix

Mezcla para bacalaitos


Candy made with coconut and milk cream

Dulce de coco y leche


Sweet Peppers

Pimientos Morrones


Each 6-pack will have a $1.00 shipping surcharge / Cada 6-pack tendra un cargo de envio adicional de $1.00

Grape-flavored soda

Refresco con sabor a uva

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