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 Tropical seasoning with garlic and onion. With or without annatto

 Sazón tropical con ajo y cebolla. Con o sin achiote.


Each 6-pack will have a $1.00 shipping surcharge / Cada 6-pack tendra un cargo de envio adicional de $1.00

Grape-flavored soda

Refresco con sabor a uva


Cod fritter mix

Mezcla para bacalaitos


Aguila condensed milk, ideal for the confection of desserts

Leche condensada Aguila, ideal para la confección de postres


Bouillon cubes to enhance the flavor of your dishes

Cubitos para realzar el sabor de tus platos favoritos

$3.58 - $5.23

All purpose seasonings to use on meats and poultries.


Adobos ideales para utilizar en carnes y aves.


Bohio cooking base, with or without tomato

Sofrito Bohio, con o sin tomate

$3.79 - $6.54

Goya corn pudding mix

Majarete Goya


Ground coffee from Puerto Rico. The best coffee in the world

Cafe molido de Puerto Rico. El mejor cafe del mundo

$6.05 - $9.27

Candy made with coconut and milk cream

Dulce de coco y leche


Coconut flavored pudding mix

Mezcla para tembleque


Goya's "recaito" cooking base

Recaito Goya

$2.69 - $6.79

Goya's pitted manzanilla olives with red peppers and capers

Alcaparrados sin pepa Goya


Goya rice pudding mix

Majarete de arroz Goya


 Goya sweet chocolate bar. Ideal for making hot chocolate they way granda used to make it

Chocolate dulce Goya. Ideal para confeccionar chocolate caliente como lo hacia abuela.

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